Flint Residents Say Hillary Clinton’s Visit was All About Politics


Some of Flint’s residents have a message for the former Secretary of State and current Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton – don’t use us for your own political gain.

Hillary Clinton visited Flint Michigan on Sunday to bring more attention to the catastrophic water problems caused by Michigan Republican governor, Rick Snyder. Mrs. Clinton would be the first one to say that her visit was not political, but according to some residents, the visit was just another ploy by the Clinton campaign to get votes when Michigan goes to the polls on March 8th.

“I feel blessed to be here but I wish it were for a different reason,” Clinton said, as she took to the stage at the House of Prayer Missionary Baptist Church. “But I am here because for nearly two years mothers and fathers were voicing concerns about the water’s color and its smell, about the rashes that it gave to those that were bathing in it. And for nearly two years Flint was told the water was safe.”

Some however, felt the photo-op moment was just to get votes.

“Don’t jump on a cause just to get votes,” said Flint Lives Matter organiser Calandra Patrick, as Clinton’s jet arrived in town. “It doesn’t matter to me if she makes an appearance or not – it doesn’t matter to me one bit.”

Arnette Rison III, a 47-year-old independent contractor, put Clinton’s visit in starker terms: “If she’s bringing 35,000 hydroelectric filters, I’ll love her for it. But that’s not what she’s about to do.”

At the church, though the topic was serious, the mood was jovial and warm. Clinton stood before a packed audience and spoke emphatically about the moral imperatives of the situation, saying: “The children in Flint are just as precious as the children in any other part of America”.


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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