Bernie Sanders Stops Campaign Speech to Help Fainted Supporter – Video

The most important thing to politicians campaigning for higher office is the constant effort to get their message across. And for most, standing on stage in front of a room filled with people is the goal, the perfect opportunity to reiterate that message over and over again. But there are the exception and his name is Bernie Sanders.

At a campaign event in New Hampshire, Sanders was in the middle of his speech when he heard a loud noise on stage. Realizing that someone had fainted, Sanders yelled, “Oh my God” and rushed over to aide the fallen supporter.

The speech was being held at the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union hall in Concord. The man who fainted was reported to be a union worker.

The video was recorded and posted to Vine by Frank Thorpe of NBC News. Thorpe added that the man “laid there for a bit before he was helped up and walked out of the room.”


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