Audio Proof That Ted Cruz’s Campaign Cheated in Iowa Caucus – Audio

Donald Trump has shouted this from the mountain top that Ted Cruz cheated in the Iowa caucus last Monday. Well now there’s audio to suggest that Donald Trump is right!

According to recent reports by Breitbart, members of Cruz’s campaign called various prescient workers in Iowa moments before the caucus votes happened, asking them to tell Ben Carson voters that Carson was dropping out of the race and that these caucus-goers should not “waste” their vote on Carson, but should vote for Cruz instead.

“It has just been announced that Ben Carson is taking a leave of absence from the campaign trail,” one voicemail stated. “So it is very important that you tell any Ben Carson voters that for tonight, uh, that they not waste a vote on Ben Carson, and vote for Ted Cruz. He is taking a leave of absence from his campaign.”

The two voicemails were left at 7:07 p.m. and 7:29 p.m. local time, after CNN reported that Carson would be traveling to his home in Florida after the caucuses, but not ending his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

The second voicemail states that Carson will be “suspending campaigning following [Monday’s] caucuses,” adding that any caucusgoers backing Carson should be urged to switch their support to Cruz.



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