Man Yells “I Can’t Breathe, You’re Killing Me” before Dying in Police Custody – Video

This incident happened back in 2013, but body-cam video of the killing of 51-year-old Oakland resident Hernan Jaramillo, was just released.

The Oakland police were called to Herman’s residence by Hernan’s sister around 1:40am on July 8, 2013 . She reported that noise coming from Herman’s room gave her the impression that something serious was happening in his room. She thought someone was trying to kill her brother.

Police arrived at the residence and tried getting Herman out of the room. After several attempts, the officers gained access the room, confronted and arrested Mr. Jaramillo. According to court papers, the city attorney said that Jaramillo resisted police commands 20 times when they took him outside and tried to put him in their car. At this point, Mr. Jaramillo was not a suspect

While trying to get the man into the car, one officer, Ira Anderson, said he noticed Mr. Jaramillo’s handcuff was done in the front instead of behind him.

“I grabbed him by the shirt,” Anderson stated. “I brought him away from the car … did a leg sweep and put him on the sidewalk.”

It was there on the sidewalk where Mr. Jaramillo cried for his life as officers restrained him. One witness said a police officer had his knee in Jaramillo’s back.  “I can’t breathe,” Jaramillo cried, “They’re killing me!” This was said multiple times.

“You’re gonna stay here until you relax,” one officer is heard telling Jaramillo. Later in the video the officer said, “Sir, we’re not killing you.”

When medical personnel arrived, Jaramillo was found handcuffed and unresponsive.



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