Harvard Law Professor – Ted Cruz’s Eligibility for President is “murky and unsettled”

Although Ted Cruz often rely a Harvard Law Review article when stating his eligibility to be President of the United States, a professor from Harvard is saying that Cruz’s eligibility might not be as clear as Cruz thinks, but rather “murky and unsettled.”

Professor Laurence Tribe taught both president Obama and Ted Cruz at Harvard, and he explains the uncertain journey the Canadian born politician faces, in his quest to be America’s next president.

“Despite Sen[ator] Cruz’s repeated statements that the legal/constitutional issues around whether he’s a natural-born citizen are clear and settled,” he told the Guardian by email, “the truth is that they’re murky and unsettled.”

Tribe has said previously that the question of Cruz’s eligibility is “unsettled”. On Sunday, Trump cited that position in an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, in which he described Tribe “as a constitutional expert, one of the true experts”.

Tribe also said: “There is no single, settled answer. And our supreme court has never addressed the issue.”

Depending on how this Cruz thing turns out, you can bet that the Supreme Court will have a say in the matter, as lawsuits are already lines up to see who gets the Republican nomination.

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