Donald Trump Sees Possible Role for Sarah Palin In his Administration

The quitter from Alaska, the half-term governor who was fired during  her first contract with Fox News, the woman who couldn’t make her failed website “great again,” but watched helplessly as it fall by the wayside, that woman, Sarah Palin, might join Donald Trump in his administration… God forbids a Trump Administration becomes a reality.

“I haven’t discussed anything with her about what she’d do, but she’s somebody I really like and I respect, and certainly she could play a position if she wanted to,” Trump said of the former Alaska governor, who¬†threw her backing behind the real estate mogul on Tuesday.

While Trump insisted he hasn’t considered vice presidential candidates yet, he said he doubts Palin would be interested because “she’s been through that,” referring to her role as the 2008 running mate of Sen. John McCain.

Trump hopes Palin’s formal backing, the highest-profile endorsement yet for the Republican front-runner, could provide the boost he needs to distance himself from rival Ted Cruz. The Texas senator has been his closest competitor in numerous polls in Iowa, which will hold the nation’s first presidential primary contest on Feb. 1.

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