Donald Trump – “I Don’t Know” If Ted Cruz is a Natural Born Citizen – Video

donald trump846Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was asked straight up about his closest competitor, Ted Cruz, and whether he thought Cruz – who was born in Calgary Canada – is a Natural Born citizen. Trump for a change, answered honestly.

“I don’t know,” Donald Trump answered, when the question – do you have any doubts that Ted Cruz is a natural born American citizen – was posed by Fox News’ Chris Wallace.

“I really don’t know. It depends. Does “Natural Born” mean born to the land? Meaning born on the land? In that case, he’s not. But nobody knows what it means. And it hasn’t been adjudicated. And it hasn’t gone to the Supreme Court.”

Trump concluded by saying that if Ted Cruz is the Republican nominee, he will have a “lawsuit over his head” from the Democratic contender.

Alan Grayson already has a lawsuit lined up and waiting just in case Cruz is the Republican nominee.


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