CNN Host Blames Hillary Clinton for Trump’s Terrorist Recruiting Video

Donald Trump’s image and words are being used in a terror recruitment video, and of course, like expected, it’s all Hillary’s fault. She caused Donald Trump to say the things he said and she caused Donald Trump to do the things he did.

Remember when Donald Trump proposed banning all Muslims from coming to the United States, well a terror group has used Trump’s words in a video, telling possible converts to either leave America, or stay back and fight. Asked about the new video, a guest on CNN put the blame squarely on the shoulder of Hillary Clinton.

FREDRICKA WHITFIELD (HOST): Let me begin with you, Ben, on that and how this video by Al-Shabaab may in any way influence what is or is not said on the campaign trail.

BEN FERGUSON: Yeah, I don’t think it will influence the election in any capacity. I mean if anything, they got their idea from Hillary Clinton when she mentioned putting Donald Trump in a video.


ISIS, Al-Shabaab and other terrorists like this, they understand social media. They understand how to get media attention. As soon as that was said, I’m sure they said, “that’s a great idea. Let’s throw Donald Trump in there. We’ll get even more publicity because of this, we’ll get to bring Hillary Clinton into this.” And it worked well for them.

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