Bill O’Reilly Calls Trump a “Buffoon” – Fails to Convince Trump to do Debate – Video

Roger Ailes failed again when he sent out his top dog to bully Donald Trump into doing the Fox Debate on Thursday. In an interview on Wednesday, O’Reilly did all he could, even trying to bribe Trump with “milkshakes”, to get the Republican presidential candidate to do the Thursday night debate.

Trump, who has been in a no holds barred war with Megyn Kelly since Kelly asked a valid question in a Republican debate back in 2015, has been adamant in his decision to boycott another Kelly moderated debate on Thursday. In the interview, Bill O’ Reilly tried and tried, and failed consistently, even bringing up Trump’s “Christian” faith, to convince him to “forgive” Kelly and “turn the other cheek.”

Trump wouldn’t give. So an exasperated Bill O’ Reilly called Trump a “Buffoon,” although he didn’t come straight out and say, you’re a buffoon. Bill O’ pulled the same trick played by many others in the political media, saying there are some who say Trump is a buffoon. You know, put it out there and hope the words have their intended effect.

Watch the craziness below.


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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