Trevor Noah on Ted Cruz – “He reminds me of Pepe La Pou, The Skunk” – Video

It’s as if he couldn’t wait to get back to business as usual, and the terrorist attack in San Bernardino was taking him off his game. So right after the shooting, Ted Cruz made sure to remind his faithful followers to come out to his gun supporting event and to show their love for guns!

“Fourteen people just lost their lives in a shooting, and Ted Cruz’s first thought is, ‘Oh, that reminds me, gotta send out my invites to my gun party,’” Trevor Noah said on “The Daily Show”. “Yeah, that seems like something you’d only do if you were an asshole.”

Later on in his piece after a continued barrage of slams on Cruz, Noah said this; “You know what, Ted Cruz reminds me of Pepe Le Pou, the skunk! Because you know, when he thinks he’s being charming, he’s just being even more creepy!”

That was followed by a video clip of Ted Cruz talking about how happy he was that he didn’t have “17 daughters,” and how easy it was for him to get “rubbers” for sex.

Noah summerized that maybe Ted Curz is the perfect leader for America, because he has shown both Democrats and Republicans that they do have at least one thing in common – their hate for Ted Cruz!



I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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