Police Chief’s Advice – Buy More Guns to Protect Against the Muslims – Video

According to Police Chief Randy Kennedy, the police chief of Hughes Springs in East Texas, the job of his police department would be a lot easier if people buy more guns and use those guns to protect themselves against Muslims.

The chief posted his message on Facebook following President’s address on terrorism, and he told Mr. Obama that he is a “servant” who should forget his secret plan to take people’s guns, because when he comes ‘a knocking, gun lovers will be ready, lock and loaded!

“I watched President Obama tonight and heard what he had to say about confronting terrorism, and I didn’t find his words encouraging at all,” Kennedy explained. “What I’m asking all of my citizens to do, all my law-abiding citizens, I am asking you to help me and our fellow law enforcement officers by arming yourselves.”

“We need to send a message to the criminal element as well to these terrorists and these jihadi who want to murder in the name of their god, and the criminal element that want to go out, you know, and just totally destroy our way of life.”

According to the chief, “nobody who is a legal gun owner has ever wanted to harm or kill anyone.”

Kennedy predicted that law enforcement officers would one day need to be saved by “a group of my citizens.”

“And I don’t want you running out of bullets, and I don’t want you running out of guns before you’re able to pull our bacon out of the fire,” he insisted.

Kennedy urged the president to “understand what the Second Amendment is for.”

“It is there for the American people to protect themselves against the criminal element, to protect themselves against terrorists and radical ideology,” he opined. “And it’s also there to protect us against that has overreached power.”

“You are not our potentate, sir,” the police chief told Obama. “You are our servant. And you were elected to serve and protect us first. And I suggest, sir, since you are a constitutional expert that you better review your history on the Constitution and understand we are a free people and are subject to no one other than the almighty God and Jesus Christ, the king.”

These people are insane.


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