One Man Attends Martin O’Malley’s Campaign Event in Ohio


One man Event

The Democratic Presidential candidate made the shocking admission earlier today in an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Asked if he was able to convert the man and secure his vote, O’Malley truthfully admitted that he was unable to get the man’s endorsement.

“I’m working on him,” O’Malley said. “He claims he’s still uncommitted.”

“You know, it’s Iowa – people wait here until the last two weeks, they want to see the whole campaign play out. So I wasn’t surprised he was uncommitted, but I was glad he took the time to come out in the snow and see me.”

While other presidential candidates cancelled their Monday events because of heavy snowfall, which undoubtedly resulted in Ohio constituents deciding to stay out of the terrible weather, Martin O’Malley kept his scheduled and  attended the event anyway.

“We decided to plow through, quite literally, sometimes,” O’Malley said. “The very last event of the night we actually had a whopping total of one person show up, but by God he was glad to see me. So we spent the time with him.”

The one man at his campaign event apparently did not get the memo.

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