New Hampshire Union Leader – Trump Wants Hillary to Win The Presidency – Video

After the dust-up today between Donald Trump and the New Hampshire Union Leader – a dust-up that materialized because the paper endorsed Chris Christie in November then wrote an editorial entitled, “Trump campaign insults NH Voters’ intelligence,” – Donald Trump responded in his usual kindergarten way, calling the paper’s editor “a lowlife” and later calling the paper, “a pile of garbage.”

On MSNBC’s Chris Hayes tonight, Grant Bosse of the very conservative New Hampshire Union Leader, continued his paper’s editorial point, saying that Trump’s name-calling on the paper’s editor was “expected.”

“We were kind of expecting this for a while,” Bosse said. “Frankly, whenever anything doesn’t go Donald Trump’s way he attacks, so we knew this was coming for a while, it just happens to be today.”

Hayes asked Grant Bosse about Pat Buchanan, another Republican presidential candidate the newspaper endorsed on two previous occasions, and Hayes wanted to know if there was a difference between Buchanan and Trump, since both candidates campaigned on the same issues. Bosse answered that Buchanan knew what he was talking about while Donald Trump “just makes stuff up.”

“Well the big difference is that Pat Buchanan knows what he is talking about,” Bosse said. “He had decades of public policy experience. He was a top aide to presidents before he ran for president. He had some policy expertise and something behind what he said. Trump just makes it up off the top of his head.”

Later on in the interview, Bosse suggested that Trump is just running for president to make sure that Hillary Clinton gets elected president. “He’s been friendly with the Clintons for decades…Donald Trump has the ego to think that he should be president,” Bosse said. “But I think he got into to this thinking that he didn’t like some of the other Republican candidates and that if it was him or Hillary, well it’s no lose.”

“I find it strange that every single time Donald Trump attacks Hillary Clinton, it’s with the stupidest, least effective means possible. He attacked her for going to the bathroom, now he’s trying to remind Democrats of her more popular husband.”



I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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