More Guns More Shootings More Deaths in San Bernardino California

california shooting

A shocking realization after this latest mass shooting in San Bernardino California. As pointed out by a reporter from The Huffington Post, today’s mass shooting, today being December 2nd, 2015, marks the 355th shooting to date this year… and so far, we’re only 336 days into the year.

In this shooting that happened in San Bernadino California around 11am local time, 14 people died and 14 more injured as three armed gunmen walked into a social services center in San Bernardino, California and opened fire on innocent people going about their daily routine.

The gunmen, dressed in all black and wearing masks, ran after committing their horrific crime.

And still, after the 355th mass murder incident this year – more mass shootings than days in the year so far with guns used in every single incident – we can be sure of one thing, thanks to the power and influence of the NRA, absolutely nothing will be done as Republicans in Congress gladly accept their NRA donations instead of saving lives.

A week from today, this incident will be another faint memory as we focus our attention on the next mass shooting were even more innocent Americans will be murdered.

Domestic terrorism at its best! God bless America!

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