Jeb Promises to “Whoop” Hillary Clinton in 2016


Seems to me Jeb is counting his chickens before the eggs hatch. Seems to me that Jeb’s main focus these days should be to “whoop” the other people running ahead of him in the Republican field. Seems to me his concentration should be to avoiding the 3 or maybe 5 percent poll ratings.

“Should I win this nomination,” Jeb was heard saying at the Republican Jewish Coalition on Thursday, “I will take it to Hillary Clinton and I will whoop her.”

And along with the whopping of Hillary Clinton, Jeb promised the Jewish Coalition that as soon as he becomes president, he would whoop Israel’s enemies too.

He told the audience that”Day one” he will move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, ensure Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge is maintained for the long run, and work with the U.S. attorney general to stop the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement in the United States.

He said he would use aggressive U.S. military leadership in the region, marshaling Sunni Arab armies, and building safe zones inside Syria.

There will be a lot of whoopings going on in a Bush administration… apparently!

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