Jeb Bush – “Donald Trump is a Jerk!” – Video

Republican presidential candidate, Jeb Bush, gave himself some therapy today by getting some things off his chest. Apparently, the brother of former president, George Bush, was walking around with this baggage for a while and he used a town-hall style campaign event in New Hampshire to unload.

Responding to a man who asked about healthcare, Jeb quickly got that man and his question out of the way by mentioning his former years as governor of Florida. But there were more important things to talk about, so Jeb somehow found a way to dump on Trump, telling the sitting audience that “Donald Trump is a jerk,” a move clearly designed to bring some media attention his way.

“You cannot insult your way to the presidency,” Jeb says. “You can’t disparage women, Hispanics, disabled people… Who is he kidding? This country is far better than that. And the idea that he is actually running for president and insulting these people… is deeply discouraging, to be honest with you… that is now how we win!”

Jeb ended by saying, “I feel better now. I gave myself therapy there, thank you for allowing me to do it.”



I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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