Another CIA Mishap – Drone Gets Too Close to President Obama in Hawaii – Video

The president and his family is vacationing in Hawaii, but even there – far away from the White House – eyebrows are being raised as another CIA mishap allowed someone or something to get a little too close to the president.

The president was traveling in his motorcade after a game of golf, when a man took his drone to the sky and flew it right alongside the president’s car. The man was quickly identified and told to land his quadcopter-style drone. He “immediately complied with law enforcement requests to cease and desist,” the statement said. No charges were filed and the motorcade did not stop or slow down because of the incident.

According to the statement, the man was “completely unaware” that the president was traveling in the area.

The CIA has come under attacks in recent months for allowing one too many close encounters with the president. From allowing a fence jumper at the White House to run all the way to the East Room, to allowing an armed contractor to ride an elevator with the president, the CIA’s protection detail of the president is questioned too often these days. And now this.

We can all be thankful of the job the CIA is doing most of the time to protect the First Family, but we should also be thankful that the man with his drone was “completely unaware” of the president’s motorcade. Can you imagine what could have happened if this drone was armed and the encounter was intentional?

Do your job CIA. Don’t just do it 99% of the time, do your job ALL the time!


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