Chris Matthews Confronts Donald Trump on the Birther Issue – Video

Following the last Republican debate of 2015, Donald Trump was interviewed by Chris Matthews of MSNBC. And at the end of the interview, Matthews wanted to clear the air and have Donald Trump explain his feelings about President Obama’s place of birth. But Donald, the unofficial father of the birther conspiracy, refused to participate.

“Is Donald Trump honest when he says that Barack Obama isn’t a legitimate president?” Matthews asked.

“I should not tell you this, but I do watch you a lot,” Trump said. He then repeatedly said that he didn’t want to answer that question because “once I answer the question they don’t want to talk about the economy, they don’t want to talk about all the other things.”

When Trump was told that he would have to answer the question in the general election, Trump said he would answer it then.

Matthews ended the interview by telling Trump that the birther nonsense is “a blemish. I think it’s your original sin. I’m an American, I think the president should be respected! I think there’s a little ethnic aspect to it, I don’t like it!”


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