Bernie Sanders Picks Up Huge Liberal Group Endorsement

While he is totally ignored by the main stream media and treated like the black sheep by the Democratic party establishment, Senator Bernie Sanders continues to get substantial support from Democratic and liberal groups.

Democracy For America, the 1 million-member liberal group that helped stoke much of the pro-Elizabeth Warren movement early in the 2016 election cycle, is backing the independent Vermont senator after he earned 88 percent of the over 270,000 votes cast in the group’s online membership poll, compared with 10 percent for Clinton and 1 percent for both Martin O’Malley and the option not to endorse at all.

The move is significant given DFA’s high threshold for endorsing. The group has existed since 2004, and no candidate had ever previously made it past the two-thirds mark necessary for the nod — which will come with fundraising help and an on-the-ground organization in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, DFA executive director Charles Chamberlain wrote in an email due to go to supporters on Thursday.

“This isn’t the first time DFA has stood side by side with Bernie Sanders. Our organization has been working with him to make progressive change happen for years,” wrote Chamberlain, announcing the results after all three candidates wrote DFA members letters asking for their support in recent weeks. “Together, we’ve run issue campaigns focused on raising the minimum wage, overturning Citizens United, and stopping the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership — and he has regularly chatted with our members on several DFA Live conference calls over the years.”

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