Ted Cruz Suggests President Obama Prefer Muslims Over Americans – Video

Ted Cruz has figured out a way to get another rise in the polls from the clueless Republican base with another dumb attack on the President. In talking to one of the original Obama Haters, Sean Hannity on Fox News, Cruz talked about the recent terrorist events in Paris, and his completely foolish views that the president prefers Muslims over Americans.

HANNITY: Senator, [Clinton] couldn’t say [“radical Islam”] during the debate Saturday, couldn’t say it today. Bernie Sanders thinks climate change is a bigger national security threat.

I want you to respond to that. And as you are, we have new footage, by the way, from inside the Paris cafe of some of the refugees (sic) attacking these innocent men, women and children. So what’s your answer to her and Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama when they say these things?

CRUZ: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the modern Democratic Party, has a blindness to radical Islamic terrorism, and they’ve endangered the safety and security of this country, the safety and security of millions of Americans.

You know, have you noticed that the one time President Obama and Hillary Clinton are willing to use military force is when using it benefits radical Islamic terrorists? Go back to the beginning of the administration, Libya. Listen, Qaddafi was a bad man. He had a terrible human rights record, but he had voluntarily handed over his nuclear weapons efforts. He was aiding the United States in going after radical Islamic terrorists. He was targeting the terrorists. And what did Obama and Clinton do? They led NATO in bombing Qaddafi and doing everything they could to drive him out of power. And the consequence was they handed Libya over to warring tribes of radical Islamic terrorists. One of the reasons Benghazi happened, four Americans were murdered—It wasn’t just Hillary Clinton’s malfeasance on that night. It was the failed foreign policy that had handed that country over to radical Islamic terrorists.

They did the same thing in Egypt. Mubarak, again a flawed man, a dictator with a terrible human rights record, but he consistently stood as an ally with America against radical Islamic terrorists. What did Obama and Clinton do? Pushed Mubarak out and pushed the Muslim Brotherhood, which finances radical Islamic terrorism…

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