Ted Cruz – For Bringing Syrian Refugees to U.S Before he was Against it – Video


At a time when everything is recorded – sometimes in High Definition – you would think that people, especially those wishing to be president of the United States, would at least be more consistent in their positions.

Yes, positions change, views evolve, but when they do, at least acknowledge that evolution and embrace it, and don’t act as if you’ve always maintained your new way of thinking.

That is what Ted Cruz is doing these days in the debate about whether Syrian refugees should be allowed in the United States. Back in February, Ted Cruz – whose father is a Cuban refugee – was all for bringing Syrians here. In an interview on Fox News, Cruz looked into the camera and made the case that the refugees should be welcomed.

“We have welcomed refugees — the tired, huddled masses — for centuries, he said. “That’s been the history of the United States. We should continue to do so.” He added: “We have to continue to be vigilant to make sure those coming are not affiliated with the terrorists, but we can do that.”

But of course that was then. Now, Cruz thinks it’s “lunacy” to bring “the tired, huddled masses” from Syria here.

“It is nothing less than lunacy,” Cruz said as recently as last Saturday. “It makes no sense whatsoever for us to be bringing in refugees who our intelligence cannot determine if they are terrorists here to kill us or not. Those who are fleeing persecution should be resettled in the Middle East in majority Muslim countries.”

And when the president basically quoted what Cruz said in February and said it was “shameful” that governors are now against bring refugees here, Cruz took it personally and dared the president to “come back and insult me to my face!” Total insanity if you ask me.


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