Mitt Romney Gearing Up for 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination?

Can this really happen? Can the Republicans, having no other candidate with a general election appeal, can they look to Mitt Romney to carry the party’s mantle past the point where Donald Trump and Ben Carson will most definitely fail?

The two current republican 2016 frontrunners, Donald Trump and Ben Carson, are each almost certainly unable to amass the fifty percent of primary delegate votes needed to secure the nomination ahead of the convention. The establishment republican candidates in the race have even less of a shot, with most of them polling around ten percent or less. That means the party will likely go into its convention without a confirmed nominee.

From there a floor fight is likely to ensue as each official candidate attempts to win over enough delegates, who at that point will each be free to vote for whomever they like. Those delegates, most of whom will be instinctively loyal to the republican party, are unlikely to be won over by Trump or Carson. And with the lackluster establishment candidates each having so little chance of winning the general election, that’s where Romney steps in and promises to at least put up a close fight in the general, something his opponents can’t offer.

After all, Mitt Romney only lost to President Obama in 2012 by three million votes, whereas anyone from the existing pitiful crop of republican candidates would likely lose to Hillary Clinton by at least ten million. Can Romney really beat Hillary? Almost certainly not. But he only has to convince the republican delegates on the floor at the convention, and considering that historically weak crop he’ll be up against, Romney as the 2016 nominee isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility.