Mike Bloomberg – Ted Cruz “says some of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard”

In an interview on CNN, former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, was asked about Climate Change and the Republican’s position on the issue – you know they say the science behind Climate Change is false, and although records are being broken on a yearly basis suggesting a warming trend, Republicans insist this warming is a figment of our imagination.

The former mayor mentioned two current Republican presidential candidates, Ben Carson who made a living in the Science field, and Ted Cruz, once called the smartest student in his class by a Harvard professor.

After dismissing “right-wing crazies” who reject mainstream climate science, Bloomberg was asked by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour what he made of the GOP field.

The billionaire media mogul, who has championed the issue of climate change, first criticized retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

“There’s one of them who was a surgeon, unfortunately at Johns Hopkins, who doesn’t believe in science,” Bloomberg said. “Somebody said that’s like a business executive that doesn’t believe in profits.”

Bloomberg then said that Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas had said some of the “stupidest” things about climate change despite his intellect. He noted that Cruz’s intelligence had been praised by Alan Dershowitz, a prominent attorney who was once Cruz’s Harvard professor.

“You’ve got a guy like Ted Cruz — who I think Dershowitz said was the smartest law student he ever had — and he says some of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard,” Bloomberg said. “The only explanation — the only explanation — is he doesn’t believe it; he’s just saying it.”

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