Jeb Can’t Fix It – Texas Man Say Jeb Stole His Idea

Poor boy Jeb is losing at everything. He entered the Republican race as number 1 with all the heavy money bags following him around, but then Jeb began campaigning and just like that, his poll numbers plummet!

So yesterday Jeb rolled out a brand new slogan in hopes of rekindling the wet sticks used to lite the fire under his campaign. He went to his home town of Florida and held a rally in which he begged people to go buy his book. His slogan was catchy – JebCanFixIt – a perfect slogan for Twitter and Facebook and a Website.

But wait a second. If you type in in your browser you’ll see a website, a website that has nothing to do with the Jeb Bush campaign or the jebcanfixit relaunch. A website belonging to a man in Texas who ran for the¬†Austin City Council in 2014. The man, Mr.¬†Jimmy Flannigan, is using the jebcanfixit website to say that Jeb Bush is stealing his idea. According to Mr. Flannigan, he came up with the ‘Flannigan Can Fix It’ slogan when he ran for the City Council in 2014, and now here comes Jeb with his ‘Jeb Can Fix It!’

Mr. Flannignan wrote; “In 2014, I ran for Austin City Council with the slogan “Flannigan Can Fix It” and now Jeb Bush is trying to steal my slogan!”

So, not only has Jeb failed to secure a website for his new slogan, according to Mr. Flannigan, Jeb is a thief!


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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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