GOP Presidential Crybabies Have a List of Demands for Future GOP Debates

The questions in the last Republican presidential debate were apparently to hard for the bunch of Republicans wanting to occupy the most powerful office on earth, and those “gotcha” questions? Those questions must go! They cannot be asked because the people wanting to be president are incapable of thinking on their feet.

So the group held a meeting and came up with a list of demands for future networks wanting to ask them questions.

The Republican presidential candidates have finalized a long list of demands and questions for networks hosting debates going forward, according to a copy of a letter obtain by theĀ Washington Post.

In the letter, the candidates demanded that networks communicate with candidates directly (as opposed to the Republican National Committee) and that the networks hold a conference call with candidates about the debate format at least a month before the debate. The candidates would then be able to determine whether they wish to participate in the debate.

The campaigns demanded that the debates include 30-second opening and closing statements, and asked that the networks nix lightning rounds and submit graphics with biographical details about the candidates to the campaigns for approval. The candidates also asked that the moderators ask the same number of questions to each candidate and refrain from “gotcha” questions.

The letter obtained by the Post also includes a long list of questions the campaigns would need the networks to answer. The questions cover who the moderators are, how long the debate is, and who will qualify for the debate. They also list things that networks should not include like “candidate-to-candidate questioning,” “reaction shots of members of the audience or moderators during debates,” and “behind shots of the candidates showing their notes.”

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