Fox’s Shep Smith Slams “Extremest” Governors Refusing Refugees – Video

I’ve said this about Fox’s Shep Smith before, that he is working on the wrong network. Now, there are times when Shep toes the line and push the Republican talking points, then there are times when he goes out on a limb all by himself and, yes, speak the truth!

Since the terrorist attacks in Paris and the revelation that one of the attackers made their way into France as a refugee, there have been much talk, primarily among Republican presidential candidates and some governors, that America should turn away any and all refugees from Syria. And it was totally expected that the hosts at Fox News will mindlessly push that talking-point, but there goes Shep again, stepping out on another limb.

“In the face of terror, will we panic, or be calm and deliberative in approach? Confronted with those who want to change our way of life, will we abandon our freedoms and the rights granted to us by the Creator? Or will we welcome huddle masses yearning to breathe free?”

Smith of course is talking about the Republican presidential candidates and the 15 or so governors, primarily Republican governors, promising to reject any refugee sent to their state. Shep continued;

“Our shining city on a hill is vulnerable. We’ve always known that. If we change it to accommodate the savages, have they won? And what then would be left to protect? We profess to stand as an example for all the world. Our unique experiment in freedom, tolerance, openness, and equality is our gift to societies and peoples everywhere. Come, join us. Enjoy a chance at the American dream. Today, we mourn, but we cannot allow ourselves to become like those who want to destroy us. We cannot resort to the tactics of the barbarians. We must fight for what we believe in and who we are, guard our freedoms faithfully for the generations to follow. And we must not let the rhetoric of potential and political extremists among us lead us to self-destruction. When there’s panic, we show resolve. When there’s calm for extremism, we resist. We are America. We must lead.”



I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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