Chris Christie Vetoes Bill that Would Have Voting Easier in New Jersey

You did it Christie! You finally figured out a way to improve your poll numbers among the Republican voter. With your veto, which will make it harder to vote in New Jersey, the Republican base is sure to shower you with some new found adoration!

The measure, known as the Democracy Act, was passed in June by the Democratic-controlled legislature, and was strongly backed by voting rights advocates. It would have guaranteed two weeks of in-person early voting, including on weekends, would have automatically registered New Jerseyans to vote when they got a driver’s license or state ID, and would have established a system of online voter registration.

Christie’s decision sparked an outpouring of criticism from voting rights and good government groups.

“Automatic registration is good for the country, and good for New Jersey,” said Myrna Pérez, deputy director of the Democracy Program at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, which had pushed for the legislation. “The Democracy Act would have made our registration lists more accurate and up to date, and voting more flexible and convenient. We are extremely disappointed Governor Christie chose to veto a bill with these kinds of proven benefits. Instead of passing laws that make it harder for Americans to vote, lawmakers must work to modernize our voting system for the 21st century.”

Christie’s move wasn’t unexpected. Soon after the bill passed, he expressed skepticism about it on his radio show: “Is it really too much to ask to ask somebody to fill out a form to execute their right to vote?” he asked. “Is it really so much to ask people that if they’re in the state that they show up on Election Day and vote? The polls are open from six in the morning til eight in the evening.”

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