Carly Fiorian is Heading Back to ‘The View’ After Hosts Called Her Smile “demented”

Now she is obviously not Donald Trump or Ben Carson so there will be little media coverage, but ever since a co-host of The View said Carly’s smile looked “demented,” Carly has used the incident to politic and to appeal to those sympathetic to her failing presidential bid. Yesterday Carly told Fox News that if the ladies of The View has something to say about her looks, they should “say that to my face!”

“If I come back on again,”she told Fox News, “let’s see if they have the guts to say that to my face.”

Well it seems that the ladies of The View will get the chance to do just that. Carly told Fox that she will make another appearance on the television talk show.

“I will face the ladies of The View for the second time Friday…” she announced, saying that she wasn’t going to seek an apology. “My message to the ladies of The View is man up. If you want to debate me on policies, the Obama administration for example has been bad for women, Planned Parenthood is harvesting baby parts– if you don’t like those facts or those messages, man up and debate me on them. But don’t sink to talking about my face.”

Carly’s poll numbers are lingering in the single digits, so the object here is to milk this for all the publicity possible. You can bet this appearance will be used in an upcoming Carly ad against what she see as attacks from “the liberal media!”

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