Bernie Sanders on Clinton’s Surge – “We are still the underdog”

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, has reestablished herself as the inevitable Democratic presidential candidate, and according to her opponent Senator Bernie Sanders, that’s to be expected at this stage in the race. Sanders however, is convinced that when it’s all said and done, he will be the eventual Democratic nominee.

“We are taking on the political establishment, we’re taking on the economic establishment,” Sanders told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday when asked about his lagging poll numbers in a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll out Tuesday. “We started as the underdog we are still the underdog. But the kind of enthusiasm that we are generating tells me that at the end of the day we are gonna win this election.”

Clinton has double Sanders’ numbers, 62 percent to his 31 percent in the poll released Tuesday. Her lead has gone up slightly from October when the former secretary of state had 58 percent and Sanders had 33 percent. Overall, Clinton’s Real Clear Politics polling average lead over Sanders has jumped from 15 points on Oct. 3 to 24 points on Nov. 3. Clinton has also taken back the lead in some New Hampshire polls.

Mitchell asked Sanders what had gone wrong.

“I don’t think it’s a question of things going wrong, you know when we started this campaign we were at 3 or 4 percent in the polls. Since that point we have done extremely well in many states around this country,” Sanders replied.

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