Trump Backtracks from ‘Obama Coming for Your Guns’ Claim

Most of what Trump says is completely nonsense. But it is his nature to double and triple down on said nonsense when someone points out how wrong he is.

Except in this case.

On Monday, speaking to a group of supporters looking for their daily dose of red meat, Donald Trump offered them this nugget to feast on – Trump told them that President Obama “is thinking” about signing and executive order to take away their guns.

“You know, the President is thinking about signing an executive order where he wants to take your guns away. You hear about this? Not gonna happen. That won’t happen. But that’s a tough one, I think that’s a tough one for him to do. There’s plenty of executive orders being signed, you know that. And we can’t let that go on.”

Besides the fact that Trump is not a mind reader, doesn’t have a crystal ball and thus, cannot know what the president is thinking, Trump’s followers got their red meat and went away happy, filled with even more reasons to hate the President.

But someone in the media asked Trump to explain his sources. How the heck would he know what the president is thinking?

Then it hit him. Trump realized he was caught and tried to weasel his way out of the issue, telling the media that he probably heard about Obama‚Äôs thinking from the media itself. And he even called the media “good sources,” something Republicans are trained not to do.

Speaking on CNN, Trump answered the question about his sources this way;

“No, no. I’ve heard that he wants to. And I heard it, I think, on your network. Somebody said that that’s what he’s thinking about. I didn’t say that he’s signing it. I said I think that would be a tough one to sign actually. I would say it would be impossible. But nevertheless he was thinking about it. And I’ve heard it from numerous networks. And I’ve read it in the papers. You know. My source is the papers. So, you know, they’re pretty good sources.”

Meanwhile, as the red meat festers in their stomach, his base is sure to stockpile their weapons, waiting for the eventual war with Obama when he comes knocking.


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!