Rush Limbaugh Longs for the Soup Lines of The Great Depression – Audio

He has everything he can ever want now, and for generations to come. Starving or having to go to a soup line will never happen to Rush Limbaugh. But hearing him talk about how things were in 1933 as compared to how they are now, you get the feeling that Rush would prefer seeing soup lines make a comeback, would prefer seeing other Americans starve, jobless and homeless.

After rambling on about the unemployment and homelessness then and now, and what was different then as oppose to now, Rush concluded;

In 1933, if you were out of work, you didn’t eat. You had to stand in a soup line and depend on charity. In 2015, you can be among the 94 million not working and have a roof over your head, have a cell phone, a car, your air conditioned home probably– or your home is probably air conditioned and, you’re eating as much as you want.

He then ask himself, “What you want people to starve?” He mockingly answered, “No.” He ended his diatribe with, ” If you can eat, and have a house, and a big screen, and a cell phone without working, who in the world is paying for it? Back during the Great Depression, if you couldn’t pay for it, you didn’t have it.”