Racists “Terrorists” Indicted for Terrorizing Black Child’s Party – Video

A group of Confederate flag supporters in Georgia was indicted yesterday for terrorizing party-goers at a black child’s birthday party.

The incident happened in July around the same time South Carolina was debating removing the Confederate flag from state grounds. Party-goers say the cavalry of trucks drove onto the neighborhood, parked in a lot across the street and began shouting threats and racial slurs at everyone at ten party.

“This is is a child’s birthday party,” one woman yells out on the video.

“One had a gun, saying he was gonna kill the [racial slur],” party host Melissa Alford told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Then one of them said gimme the gun, I’ll shoot them [racial slur].”

Monday’s indictment by the Douglas County District Attorney called the flag group “a criminal street gang” and accused its members of participating “criminal gang activity” on that day. The group members were charged with making “terroristic threats” against the party-goers.