Paul Ryan Lays Out his Demands Before Accepting House Speaker Position – Video

All indications now point to Paul Ryan accepting the Republican hated job of Speaker of the House of Representatives. Earlier on Tuesday, Ryan held a meeting with the other Republican members of the House and laid out his demands – things he say must happen before he accepts the job.

The Demands

Ryan will run only if he’s supported by three groups inside the House Republican conference: the House Freedom Caucus, the Republican Study Committee and the moderate Tuesday Group, his spokesman, Brendan Buck, said.

Ryan also had a few more demands: He wants changes to House rules made as a team — a major demand of the House Freedom Caucus; he wants to make it harder to overthrow a sitting speaker; and he wants a better work-life balance than out-going House Speaker John Boehner had.

He also emphasized the importance of unified support for the next speaker.

Ryan told his colleagues he is willing to take “arrows in the chest but not in the back,” a GOP source inside the meeting told CNN.

Should the conference agree to his stipulations, “I am happy and willing to get to work.”


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