New York Times to Bottom-Feeder Chris Christie – “Go Home!”

The New York Times, the epitome of The Media. Republicans don’t like the media and often refer to media establishments as “lamestream.” So having a top shelve media outlet call for his departure, Chris Christie is sure to send out his fundraising letter, telling his supporters to donate, because the lamestream media is calling for him to “go home.”

The New York Times Editorial Board took the time to pen an article, urging Christie – a bottom feeder in the presidential polls – to go home and take care of the crises in New Jersey!

It’s that time in the ever-long presidential campaign when candidates lacking money and mojo are starting to go back to their plows. Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey should join them.

Mr. Christie has been called a lot of things, but until Wednesday’s debate performance, “barely there” was not among them. In eight minutes of speaking time, Mr. Christie said little of substance. As for his parting pitch that he’s “deadly serious about changing this culture” of government, well, his constituents in New Jersey know better.

This isn’t strictly about Mr. Christie’s fitness for the presidency. His role in New Jersey’s budget crisis, betrayal on affordable housing and the interlocking scandals on his watch, from Bridgegate to “the chairman’s flight,” say a great deal about that.

The point is that New Jersey is in trouble, and the governor is off pursuing a presidential run that’s turned out to be nothing more than a vanity project. Mr. Christie’s numbers are in the basement, and he’s nearly out of campaign cash. This is his moment, all right: to go home and use the rest of his term to clean out the barn, as Speaker John Boehner would say.

Needless to say, Chris Christie responded to the Times call for him to bow out, and he has apparently decided that the troubles in his state are not as important as his selfish goal to have the word ‘president’ attached to his name. In a tweet back to the Times, Christie said, “Can’t read the article because I don’t have a subscription, but I can tell you this – I am not going anywhere.”

Of course!

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