Man’s Lynching Halloween Decoration Causing Problems with NAACP – Video

The local chapter of the NAACP has sent a letter to the home owner asking him to remove the decoration because of the horrid past it represents. But the Utah man, Kevin Van Miltenberg, said no way!

“When I was making it in the first place, it never crossed my mind at all, ‘Hey, one day someone might take offense to it. I don’t make these to be offensive at all. I just make them for fun and for people to enjoy.”

Van Miltenberg has been building animatronic displays for Halloween for the past six years, adding new lifesize decorations to his front yard each year. The 7-foot-tall hanged man — dressed in denim with a hood over its head and white plastic hands bound behind its back — was the first animatronic prop he built.

“I like to do stuff that’s very realistic,” Van Miltenberg said, as the hanged man spasmed repeatedly at the end of its rope. “I hooked it up to a simple windshield wiper motor and made it come to life. It’s not to be offensive. It’s a Halloween prop.”



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