Man Attempts Mass Murder Without The Gun – No One Was Killed – Video

I’ll start this post off saying, guns do kill people!

This incident happened in Illinois last Monday. A knife wielding maniac burst into a room where a 76-year-old was teaching about 20 kids the art of playing Chess.

“I’m going to kill some people” the man, 19-year-old Dustin Brown screamed. In his hands, he brandished two hunting knives.

The 76-year-old Chess teacher, identified as Army Vet James Vernon of Morton, calmed the situation enough to get the children out of the classroom and subdued the 19-year-old until police arrived.

“Settle down a little, relax a little bit,” Vernon said. “I’ll listen to you while these people, these kids get out of the room.”

Recalling the incident, Vernon said that things escalated when the kids had left the room.

“Realized his targets where gone and he came without warning,” said Vernon.

Vernon says Brown lunged at him with the knives, cutting his left hand.

“I didn’t have any weapons except these, so I grabbed him and threw a knee at him and my weight pushed him back,” said Vernon.

Vernon says he was able to take down and disarm his attacker just minutes before Morton police arrived.

Yes, blood was shed that day. Vernon was attacked and cut by the 19-year-old, but no one died thanks to the fact that guns were not a part of the equation.

I’ll end this post by saying, guns do kill people! The NRA and Republicans say otherwise.


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