Listen To The Interview Trump’s People Claimed Never Happened – AUDIO

Now this story is chalking up to be a bit of a controversy. A radio host in Atlanta claimed he interviewed Donald Trump but was told not to ask the Republican presidential candidate any policy questions.

Steve McCoy, hosts of The News Radio 106.7 Morning Show With Steve McCoy and Cheryl White, said that Trump’s handlers barred him from asking policy questions because they say, Trump’s policies weren’t “set in stone!”

“It came with some restrictions,” McCoy said, explaining the terms of the interview. “I couldn’t ask anything about his current policies, and they had the right to X out any questions that I did ask, and we got through about three minutes of it.”

When asked again if he couldn’t ask about policies, McCoy replied, “No, ‘cause he said those policies — well, he didn’t say it, his handlers said — the policies aren’t set in stone yet, and I guess we can kind of understand that, they got a year to go.”

But Trump’s people are adamant that the interview never took place.

A lawyer for the Trump campaign disputes radio host Steve McCoy’s account, telling BuzzFeed News that Trump did not do an interview with the Georgia radio host this week. The lawyer, Donald McGahn, says McCoy admitted to him the interview took place a year ago.

Hope Hicks, a spokeswoman for the Trump campaign slammed McCoy at length in a statement to BuzzFeed News.

“This interview did not take place. It is a fraud and/or a spoof. The Trump campaign has never communicated with this man. He said Mr. Trump spoke to him yesterday prior to the debate, Mr. Trump never spoke to him yesterday or any day before that. The radio host admitted it was a fraud to our attorney, apologized and he is now hiding and not returning anyone’s call. This is representative of the dishonesty Mr. Trump faces from the media.”

And now even the radio station where McCoy works is acting as if they don’t know of any interview. Program Director Greg Tantum, told media outlets that the station is “investigating” the situation. Meanwhile any semblance of an interview by McCoy was removed from the station’s SoundCloud account.

But Buzzfeed was able to capture the interview. Despite the claims from Trump’s people that it never happened, below is a recording of Steve McCoy and someone sounding remarkably like Donald Trump, even sharing some of Trump’s unbearable mannerisms.


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