John Kasich is Angry! He’s “Had it” with Trump and Carson – Video

The Republican presidential candidate nobody ever talks about, spoke at a debate in Ohio today and let out all his frustrations with Trump and Carson!

“Do you know how crazy this election is?” Kasich asked, the creases in his forehead sharp enough to split a hair. “I’ve about had it with these people! I’m sick and tired of listening to this nonsense.”

Kasich began by turning his sights on Carson for his announced plan to get rid of Medicare when many senior citizens could be dependent on it. After that, Kasich went after Trump for his “crazy” mass deportation idea to “scream at [immigrants] to get out of the country.”

“What has happened to our party,” Kasich asked. “What has happened to the conservative movement? I’m done being polite and listening to this nonsense.”

Kasich also took issue with Trump’s taking credit for Ford’s decision not to move its manufacturing plants to Mexico. Kasich has said recently that Trump’s “bombast” wasn’t nearly as helpful for such issues as proposing real economic policy.

“That was like something out of a Back to the Future movie,” Kasich said. “We made that agreement back in 2011 for the simple reason that we knew what we were doing.”

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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