Hey, Stuff Happens – Jeb’s Poll Numbers Plummet in New Poll

So as fate would have it, even Republicans are having a hard time accepting Bush’s response to the massacre in Oregon. You remember his “stuff happens” remark when he was asked about the shooting?

“Stuff happens” he said.

Well in this new CBS poll, Americans of all stripes are having a hard time when Jeb’s cavalier response.

Bush’s plummeting fortunes were confirmed in a CBS News poll released Sunday which said his favorable rating among Republican primary voters has dived 11 points since August.

Trump, with 27 percent, remains in the lead in the race for the Republican nomination, with Ben Carson (21 percent) in second place, according to the poll.

Next are Ted Cruz (nine percent), Marco Rubio (eight percent). Bush was in fifth in the crowded field of 15 Republican presidential hopefuls with six percent.

He was on 13 percent just two months ago.