Gun Shoots Owner in Movie Theater

Yes, I know what the usual argument is – guns don’t shoot or kill people, people shoot and kill other people. But in this situation the gun owner was simply sitting in the movie theater watching a movie when all of a sudden, BANG! He got shot with his own gun.

“It took a while after the bang, but this guy started shouting ‘Oh my God, I just shot myself! I just got my concealed and carry,’” Myers said, “and then everybody jumped up and that’s when we heard, ‘Call 9-11!’”

“You could feel the concussion of the shot,” said witness Domenic Rabone. “I mean you know being in a movie theatre it’s a surreal situation, and I don’t believe anybody really expects it to be a gunshot.”

“As soon as it registered and I realized it was a gun, it scared me,” said Myers.

Police treated the situation as a medical emergency as opposed to a live shooter scenario. No one else in the theater was hurt.


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