Glenn Beck – Talking to Trump is “like having a debate with a 4th grader” – Audio

Apparently not all the conservatives have fallen head over heals with the donald. One conservative in particular, a guy named Glenn Beck, is laughing his ass off listening to Trump talk, and it is Glen’s conclusion that talking to Donald Trump is like “having a debate with a fourth-grader.”

On his radio show today, Beck and his co-hosts laughed as they listened to Trump talking about immigration. He said it’s a major character flaw for Trump that he likes to kick people while they’re down, and Beck even rolled his eyes at Trump’s supposedly conservative solutions.

After cracking up again and again by Trump’s answers when pressed for specifics, Beck brought up a recent study showing that Trump speaks at a fourth-grade level, the lowest of any presidential candidate.

“Honestly,” Beck said, “it is like having a debate with a fourth-grader. When you listen to him, it is. It really is.”



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