George Zimmerman Retweets Photo of Trayvon Martin’s Dead Body

And from the slime of the earth I bring you another George Zimmerman story. Although in this story, Zimmerman – the Florida man who murdered 17-year-old Trayvon Martin – is actually saying that he didn’t mean to do what he clearly did, retweeting a the picture of the dead teen’s body, a picture taken after Zimmerman shot and killed Martin.

goerge zimmerman retreet

I can only assume that someone or a number of people pointed out how disgraceful this tweet and retweet was, ’cause I am of the belief that George Zimmerman is too dumb to figure it out on his own. He later issued this statement stating that he didn’t mean to retweet the photo.

Yea Zimmerman, that is totally understandable. You see a photo of someone you killed and you share it around the world by mistake? Yea, okay…!

For what it’s worth, here is Zimmerman’s statement:

zimmerman statement2


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