Donald Trump on George Bush – “The World Trade Center came down during his reign”

In an interview with Bloomberg on Friday, Donald Trump, the current leader in the Republican race for president, put the blame for the September 11th attacks directly on the shoulders of then President, George W Bush.

“He was President,” Trump said. “Blame him, or don’t blame him, but he was President. The World Trade Center came down during his reign.”

Breaking News: Donald Trump spoke the truth when he made that statement. And it leaves me to wonder why the current leader of the Republican Party will throw George Bush under the bus. We all know that a vast majority of Republicans believe that George Bush was not even the President when the world trade Center came tumbling down – an attack on this country that killed almost 3,000 Americans. What will cause Donald Trump to speak the truth about George W Bush’s failure to protect this country?

My take:

I think Donald Trump is really trying to get himself out of this presidential race he’s in. In the beginning, this was all a joke for Trump but Republicans  started believing his nonsense and his poll numbers shot up. His intentions, I think, were never to lead in the polls the way he has. But the Republican voters love this man and he cannot figure out a way to shake them off and get out of this race.

So Donald Trump is doing all he can to get Republicans to hate him. He spoke bad about John McCain, he spoke bad about women, he spoke profanity at a campaign event and speaking about campaign events,  his campaign events has nothing to do with policies, but about his poll numbers.  And just when all the pundits say his last statement did him in and wrote him off, more and more  Republicans jumped on the trump-wagon.

What other way can Donald Trump get out of this presidential race? Well, by throwing the anointed one of the Republican party  under the bus of course.

By coming down this hard on George Bush, Donald Trump is sure to lose some in the Republican who think George Bush – their Supreme Leader – did nothing wrong and protected this country in his eight years in office. And maybe then with the Republican base is against him, Donald Trump can finally withdraw from the race and concentrate on selling his hats and books.