Donald Trump Explains – Polls “are not very scientific” When He’s Losing

Donald Trump is all about the polls. He basically has nothing else to talk about on the campaign trail so at every stop, he’ll take the podium and talk about how “unbelievable” it is that the polls have him leading.

“Can you believe it?” He’ll ask his followers as he point to yet another poll showing him leading. “Even in this NBC poll, I’m ahead.” Then he’ll point the audience’s attention to what the poll says, ‘Trump leads in the polls! ‘“This is unbelievable,” he’ll  say.

That was then, this is now.

As polls after polls show Ben Carson leading Trump in the early voting state of Iowa,  Donald Trump has become the biggest critic of polls. In an interview on MSNBC’S Morning Joe, Trump was asked to explains why polls are great when he’s leading, but bad when he’s behind.

His explanation? Poll are “not very scientific” when he is losing.

“How do you justify or explain attacking polls where you’re behind but celebrating polls when you’re ahead?” Bloomberg Politics managing editor Mark Halperin asked Trump on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“I believe in polls. I generally believe in polls,” Trump said. “The thing with these polls, they’re all so different. They’re coming from all over the lot where one guy is up here, somebody else is up there, you see swings of 10 and 12 points immediately, even the same day.”

“So right now its not very scientific,” Trump continued. “I think it’s very hard when you have this many. But over all Mark, I am a believer in polls, they say something. At least they spot a trend.”


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