Donald Trump – 3 Reasons Why Bush Should Be Blamed for Sept 11th

A couple of days ago, I outlined my theory of why Donald Trump is attacking George Bush. My theory then was simple – this attack on the Republicans supreme leader is actually an exit strategy for Donald Trump. Trump believes that by attacking Bush, the Republican base would stop supporting his bid for the Republican nomination, his poll numbers will fall as a result and like he said earlier this month,”If I fell behind badly, I would certainly get out.” This attack on Bush Trump’s way to get out!

I’m starting to second guess that theory. I’m now thinking that Donald Trump is just bipolar!

Trump is keeping up his attacks on the man who presided over the worst terrorist attack in America, despite Jeb’s feeble claim that George “kept us safe.” In yet another interview, Donald Trump stated three reasons why Bush should be blamed.

No. 1: Bush’s immigration policy. “We had very weak immigration laws,” Trump said, adding that perhaps if Bush had a Trump-style immigration policy, replete with “the strong laws that I’m wanting, these terrorists wouldn’t have been in the country.”

No. 2: People knew that the FBI, the National Security Council, and the CIA weren’t sharing information about potential threats. “They were not talking to each other,” Trump said. “If I’m president, I want to have my three most important agencies talking to each other and coordinating with each other.”

And No. 3: George Tenet, Bush’s director of central intelligence, “knew in advance that there would be an attack, and he said that.”

“I don’t blame anybody,” Trump continued, after listing those points. “But it’s possible,” he continued, that had the administration had stronger policy on those points, “perhaps something could have been done that was obviously better than the worst attack ever perpetrated on the United States.”

Trump, the real estate mogul, and former Florida governor Jeb Bush have hurled vitriol at each other since Friday, after Trump pointed out during a Bloomberg News interview that “the World Trade Center came down during [former president Bush’s] reign.”


I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!