CNN Analyst Blames The Victim for Getting Slammed by School Cop – Video

This guy belongs on Fox News. But then again, in more ways than one, CNN is becoming like Fox News.

Larry Houck tried to stand up for the police officer who jumped on a little girl in a South Carolina school, ripped her out her chair and dragged her across the floor in order to kick her out the classroom. That officer, got a fan in Larry Houck!

CHRIS CUOMO: Give me the best defense for what this guy is doing, in these circumstances.

HARRY HOUCK: OK, first of all let me tell you, there’s a police officer in that school for a reason. A lot of violent gang activity in that school. Now, this officer’s called to the classroom because this student will not leave the classroom. Apparently the teacher had some kind of a problem. Now, a teacher is supposedly trained on how to handle children like this, calls the police, for the officer to come in. The officer tells her twice to get out of the chair. She won’t get out of the car – out of the chair, all right? Therefore, we have this altercation, which she does not get really hurt in. The officer pulls her out, handcuffs her, all right, and that’s it. Can the officer do that? Yes, he can do that.


HOUCK: Because you failed to comply, you are under arrest, you are failing to comply now. So the officer can use whatever force is necessary to affect an arrest. Now, it looks really bad. Like a lot of videos we’ve sat here and talked about before in the past, how bad the video looks. She did not get hurt, all right. So apparently the officer did it in a way where she could not get hurt. It just looks bad in the video.


HARRY HOUCK: Here’s the problem. This is a failure to comply again. Like in all these cases here, people don’t listen to the police when they’re giving them a command. You must comply. And then Marc’s — Marc’s giving people the impression that you don’t have to comply to police officers. And that’s why we’re having a lot of incidents. You’re giving that impression, Marc, every time I speak to you. You always have a problem, you know, talking about an officer’s use of force. And I’m telling you, it’s as a result of a failure to comply. If that girl got out of the car — got out of the seat when she was told, there’d be no problem. But apparently she had no respect for the school, no respect for her teacher, probably has no respect at home or on the street, and that’s why she acted the way she did.



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