Black Woman Beaten and Arrested for Filming White Cops – Video

Her husband was getting arrested, so like anyone else with a cellphone, she turned on her camera and began recording the arrest when the two white officers in Jacksonville Florida, suddenly became afraid for their lives and decided to attack her and her cellphone to save their lives.

“I was beaten, and then falsely arrested, my phone was stolen, my car was taken. It was a traumatic experience,” Kelli Wilson said of her unintended encounter with the cops. “It was definitely an experience you never think you would be going through,” said Wilson.

Wilson said that when the officers demanded she put away her phone, she asked “why?” And that is when the police decided to escalate the situation with the citizen.

“He asked for it, he demanded it again, and I gave him the same, ‘Why do you want my phone? What do you need my phone for?’ He told me he would punch me in my face. I eventually got punched and beaten and the sergeant that was on the scene joined in the beating.”

Wilson said the police still have her phone. Her beating for recording an arrest was captured by a nearby surveillance camera. On the police report, the officers claimed they arrested Wilson because she was interfering with an arrest.

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