Ben Carson Somewhat Explains His Popeyes Robery Story – Audio

There have been a lot of questions and inquiries into Ben Carson’s claim of being held up at gunpoint at a Popeyes in Baltimore. So many inquiries in fact, that the Baltimore police felt the need to explain in a tweet that they couldn’t find any information about the incident.

So if the police have no information regarding a gun-point robbery, then Carson, the man who claimed he was personally witnessed the robbery, is the best person to get more info from.

In another interview, Carson was asked about his story and whether he would provide more information on his story.

“I don’t know,” Carson said. “To me it wasn’t that big of deal, to be honest with you.”

He then explained that he is a Christian man and wouldn’t lie about what happened.

Personally, I don’t believe him. But that’s just me.



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