Ben Carson on Donald Trump’s Politics – It’s “Mud Pit Stuff”

“I don’t have any reaction,” said Ben Carson, when asked in an interview to respond to Trump’s attacks on him. “I don’t do, you know, mud pit stuff. There are so many other important things to deal with.”

That was Ben Carson taking the high road after Donald Trump unleashed his expected political attacks on Carson. In case you haven’t been following, Ben Carson has taken the lead from Donald Trump in Iowa, and like the mature politician that he is, Donald Trump has taken to the campaign stump to dump on Carson.

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Trump said that he cannot understand the numbers from Iowa and cannot figure out why Carson is leading him in the state.

“I’ve done really well with the evangelicals and with the tea party and everything and I just don’t understand the number, but I accept the number,” Trump said. “It means I have to work a little bit harder in Iowa.”

Later on in the interview, Trump criticized Carson on trade, saying “I like Ben, but he cannot do with trade like I do. He can’t do with a lot of things like I do, so we’ll just have to see what happens.”

On immigration, Trump complained that Carson is “very weak” on immigration, saying “He’s very, very weak on immigration and I’m very strong on immigration. Ben Carson is very, very weak on immigration. He believes in amnesty strongly. He believes in citizenship. He’s going to give citizenship to people who are here illegally — you can’t do that.”

And on the stump, Trump hit Carson’s “energy level,” saying Carson’s has “lower energy than Bush.”

Yep, the mud pit is where Trump lives, it’s where he dwells. It’s all he knows and for now, Carson has decided not to descend to his level. Unfortunately for Carson, the mud pit is apparently where much of the Republican base lives, that’s why they are so in love with the donald. They understand him, he understands them. They all wallow in the mud together.


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