Atlanta Man Loses His Job After Posting Racist Picture on Facebook

Maybe it was meant to be a joke. You know how they all say, oh I’m not racist I know black people. So maybe the guy in this photo who posted this picture on his Facebook page thought it would be funny to let his friends comment on what they think was happening.

Well the comments flowed and almost immediately the world saw these people for who they are. The racism expressed in this post are bad enough, but directed to the little 3-year-old child took the man and his Facebook friends to a whole other level.


The man in the picture is Gerod Roth, who went by Geris Hilton on Facebook. He is now a former employee of the Atlanta-based Polaris Marketing Group (PMG) because when his boss, PMG’s president Michael Da Graca Pinto, saw the post and the racism it brought forth, he quickly terminated Gerod’s  position and posted this on Facebook.

This morning I was disgusted to learn that one of my former employees made several racially charged comments on his personal Facebook page. Even worse, the comments were directed toward the son of another employee.

It breaks my heart that Sydney and her adorable son Cayden were subjected to such hateful, ignorant and despicable behavior. Cayden visits my office almost every afternoon after daycare, he’s sat at my dinner table and I consider him a part of the PMG family.

The atrocious lies, slander and racism he and his mother have been forced to endure are wholly intolerable. Myself and the entire PMG family in no way condones this kind of behavior and would never willingly associate with anyone who does.

It has no place in the world.

PMG has terminated the employee responsible and will ensure that none of the businesses that we associate with will ever do business with him again.

Good riddance I’m sure!


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